Unique Engagement Rings- Standing Out From the Crowd

unique engagement rings

Your girl is one of a kind. And since she is such an individual, she won’t want a ring that will be at the top of the list for most popular style this year. She wants something that was made just for her.

Something no other girl she knows will be wearing. But diamonds all look the same after a while…don’t they? How important is it to be unique? Read the following to shed some light on the ever-illusive unique engagement ring drama.

Why does being unique matter when it comes to her engagement ring?

Let’s start with a question: why are you marrying her? What is it about her that’s so special, the qualities you have found in no one else? Is it her creativity? Sense of style? Family values? Faith?

There are unique things about her that you love, and so expressing that through a piece of jewelry that is like nothing else will help her realize how much you value the core of who she is.

What styles of ring are not often worn?

If you want to go the route of the unique engagement ring, there are a few styles to avoid. The classic oval or round shape is incredibly popular and worn by many. If you choose this one, it will need to have some other stand out feature, such as a different color, to warrant it different from others.

Some other shapes to pass on are the square and princess cut. These are almost equal in popularity, and everyone seems to want one.

Alright, now that we’ve covered what not to buy, let’s talk about the good options. One unique shape is the marquis. Some people don’t even know what it is! My ring is this shape, and I have seen very few others wearing it. Since this style is still so fresh, you can get away with just a diamond and still have an individualistic ring.

Another look to try would be the heart shape. I have yet to see this type of engagement ring on anyone, so it is a very bold move, and definitely for the more romantic types. Equally rare and enticing is the pear or teardrop style. This is essentially the same shape, when you turn it one way or the other. Pick this for a girl who loves to make an impression.

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All the bells and whistles

Okay, you have narrowed down your shapes and found a creative one. Now how to make it stand out from other jewelry even more? Well here’s a suggestion…make it green, make it red, make it purple, change the color from just a regular diamond to a stone with a different hue! There is no way that a gem like that would ever fade into the background. It will be the first thing people notice, which she will love!

Option two is to add pizzazz through extra bling. Yes, this is the more expensive idea. But if she wants all that glitters to sit atop her engagement ring, this is the look to go after. Add some small diamonds around the larger one, or get flashier with multicolored stones. You can stud them around the entire band, if you like, encrusting the whole piece with sparkle.

Where are you having it made?

Bet you haven’t thought of this! But if you can swing it financially, buy her jewelry from somewhere romantic or exotic. If you happen to travel a lot for work, or have an upcoming trip planned to somewhere like Europe, this will be perfect for you.

Not only will she love the story of how you found and purchased the piece, but she will adore showing it off to her friends, and telling them all about where it came from. This is what I call a romantic gesture!

If you are a techie or want to get better value for your money, these online jewelry retailers offer a good selection of beautiful ring designs at very affordable prices and are great places to start your search.

A final word…

Above all, remember that a unique engagement ring is all about your individual relationship. Why are you special as a couple? You want something that you look at and think, “that’s her”. It needs to mirror her personality. Keep this in mind as you shop and plan. Have fun finding that perfectly unique accessory!