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Finding The Right Bridal Jewelry For Your Coloring And Body Type

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Every bride dreams of a wedding day straight out of a fairytale: for many brides, looking great on the big day is priority one. Part of putting together the perfect wedding outfit is knowing how to choose bridal jewelry that flatters the skin tone, eye color, hair color, and body type.

Once you’ve figured out how to select the most flattering pendant, rings, and earrings, you can pull your whole look together – with amazing results! Luckily, we’ve got some great tips and tricks for finding perfect jewelry accessories for your nuptials:

Your Natural Coloring Should Direct Your Choices – The concept of seasonal beauty has been around for decades – because it really works! Every woman has specific coloring that works well with certain shades. Here is a basic guideline for choosing your own, unique beauty “season”:


The Spring woman has light, warm coloring. Blondes or brunettes with yellow, warm undertones and blue, green, or light brown eyes will usually look wonderful when they wear tones like golden yellow, peach, or cream.

This fresh, innocent coloring can be highlighted by yellow gold bridal jewelry, which will add radiance to the skin tone and bring out the beauty of the Spring woman’s natural “palette”. Look for bridal jewelry with gemstones like yellow citrine, bright emeralds, or honey-brown topazes.

Use makeup in warm beige, brick red (red-orange) or other yellow-based tones to bring it all together. Look for a pretty dress in off-white, rather than pure white, to make the most of your coloring. Celeb Spring – Meg Ryan.


The Summer woman is of the Cinderella type – often, women with this “season” have ash-blonde or light ash-brown hair, and blue or green eyes. The Summer complexion is usually pale and pinkish, with cool (blue) undertones. For this reason, silver and white gold will flatter them the most.

Avoid warm or muddy colors, and opt for pale blue, ballet pink, or fuchsia to bring glamour to bridal jewelry. Gemstones like rose quartz, pink and blue sapphires, and aquamarine will highlight the natural doll-like beauty of the Summer bride.

Makeup should feature deep-rose lips, or pale, sheer pink lip-gloss. Blush should be rosy, not peachy. Eye makeup in smoky blues and grays will flatter the skin tone and eye color. Orange and yellow will not work for you, so avoid those colors when you select gemstone jewelry.

Pure, cool colors will bring out more youthfulness and make your complexion look clearer and smoother. Choose a snow-white dress to highlight your makeup and jewelry.