Diamonds or Pearls: Which is Right for Your Wedding?

diamonds and pearls

When it comes time to choose the right accessories to complement your wedding gown, you may find yourself facing a conundrum. Should you go with diamonds or pearls? While both are considered traditional, each will provide you with a different aesthetic.

So it pays to consider just what a diamond pendant or a pearl necklace will add to your ensemble ahead of time, instead of just throwing something on at the last minute. Here are just a few considerations that could help you to decide which accompaniment is right for you.

First you should consider what you have on hand. You may have some special heirloom pieces that you’d like to incorporate as your “something old” or perhaps a family member or close friend will loan you some precious gems to fulfil your “something borrowed” requirement.

You may feel that it’s important to wear certain pieces of jewelry as tradition because they were worn by your mother before you, your grandmother before her, and so on. These types of considerations could determine the pieces you wear, whether you’re partial to them or not.

However, if you find yourself with nothing suitable on hand, the best place to start is by matching jewelry to your dress, and there are a few guidelines that can help you here. If your dress is old-fashioned, conservative, or modest, then pearls will be more in keeping with the traditional style you’re going for.

Since they tend to be less flashy than diamonds, they won’t stick out like a sore thumb with an understated style of dress. Of course, they may also pair well with a dress that has a lot going on already (like loads of embellishment).

Should you choose a modern gown like a sheath or a corseted, strapless number, you’ll almost certainly want to continue with the contemporary style by adding some bling to your wedding ensemble.

You should also consider adding visual interest with diamond jewelry if your dress is simple and relatively free of adornments. Of course, it may depend less on your dress and more on your personal sense of style, which is also valid.

In fact, you should definitely factor your personality into the equation. If, for example, you are a fairly outgoing person who loves to be in the limelight, then adding diamond earring, a diamond necklace, or even a tennis bracelet or diamond-studded cuff could give you the extra sparkle you’re looking for and really enhance your outfit.

But if you are more of a wallflower and you’re already freaking out about the level of attention you’ll receive on your special day as the center of attention, perhaps a set of unassuming pearls will be more suitable.

Keep in mind that you can mix and match as well. If you’re going for a look that is sophisticated and modern at the same time, you could opt for some combination of pearls and diamonds that provides the perfect blend of class and visual interest. For many brides, this last option is the one that best fits their many aesthetic requirements.